The pair of links earrings are there to celebrate special bounds. A metal ring interlocked with a wooden ring stressing the simple, organic form as nature made it.

In this variation we add an extra ring in recycled sterling silver to enhances the deep rich color of the wood.

Many variation in shape randomly. You can only choose whether you prefer the nut ring to be smaller or bigger.


The earrings in the Links collection are very light and comfortable to wear just like all the Biloko pieces.

  • African Palm nuts from sustainable and fair sources.
  • Hammered recycled sterling silver 925,
  • African trade bead in red vulcanised rubber
  • Sterling Silver continental clasps for a secure close


Approximately 4.5cm long & 3.5cm large

Because all our pieces are hand-made and because each African palm nut has its own unique shape, each necklace is uniquely yours and original.

Links earrings

Metal: Silver

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    Photo credits to Eva J. / Luca Piffaretti / Baudoin Mouanda