Photo credits: Baudoin Mouanda - Luca Piffaretti

Model : Gemina Etienette Ouamabia - Maria Malele - Ninon Fandre

The Hoops Collection

Made of hoops of varied organic shapes that dangle freely hanging off a ring or linked together to create beautiful ensembles, this is our very first collection. The contrast between the raw wood of the nut and the metal enhances the beauty of the pieces to create a smart but natural look.

The Hoops collection is delightfully light and comfortable to wear. Because each piece is handmade it is unique. The natural shape of the nuts varies and changes the overall aspect of each piece within the collection, making it even more special and beautiful.

The Links Collection

Biloko revisits a classic in jewellery design: the links.

Interlocked together are hoops made in recycled sterling silver, brass and our very special and unique wood from reclaimed palm kernels.  

Jewellery is deeply rooted in our need to symbolise bonds with our loved ones,
as well as with our universes, big or small. With the Links Necklaces, Biloko conjures suns, moons, continents interlocked together, and embodies a special attachment to someone dear.

The Geometry Collection

The river collection is minimal. The simple geometric shape made of precious metal such as silver underlines the organic shape  of the palm kernel.


The look is smart and very classy though still natural and organic.

In this collection each piece is unique as the shape of the nut itself is what matters, making each piece even more unique and special. 

The Cluster Collection

The Cluster collection is to be worn for these very special moments when you want to shine and look glamorous.


For this collection, we chose plated gold for its incredible shine that contrasts beautifully with the dark and rich colour of the wood. It is therefore handcrafted by our skilled artisans in Brazzaville and mounted with the plated gold in London.



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Photo credits to Eva J. / Luca Piffaretti / Baudoin Mouanda